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This document is mostly intended for new users, to answer the questions we frequently see in here and in the Facebook group. For that reason, we'll try and keep things fairly light, technically.

How do I play games on the Dragon?


Back in the day, most games for the Dragon were released on tape. A few were published by DragonData on cartridge. A tiny number were released on disk, although more have been distributed that way since.

For a truly old school experience, you can buy original games on eBay and load them from tape using a simple tape deck and the tape leads provided with the Dragon. Plug one end of the lead into the TAPE socket on the Dragon and plug the black cable into the headphone socket. If your tape recorder has a socket called 'REM', plug the smallest jack plug into that. Turn the volume on the cassette deck to about 7, and follow the instructions on the game. Normally you would enter 'CLOAD' or 'CLOADM', then press play on the tape. (If you plugged the REM cable in, you could press play before entering CLOAD, and the tape will start automatically). The Dragon is pretty reliable at reading tapes but if the game continually doesn't load you might want to consider loading a digital image of it.

Emulation and Digital images

Via Tape Emulation

Via Disk Emulation

Via Cartridges or 'multi-carts'