Video Dragon (Spanish magazine)

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Video Dragon was a spanish magazine, published by Software Editores/Editorial ETIMSA, that came with programs on tape.

Issue Cover Tape Cover Tape Cover Back Release Date Tape Contents Tape Side A Tape Side B
xx/1985 Tape 1, Side A
Tape 1, Side B
VideoDragon Issue1 Tape A.jpg VideoDragon Issue1 Tape B.jpg
VideoDragon2 Cover Front.jpg xx/1985 Tape 2, Side A
Tape 2, Side B
VideoDragon Issue2 Tape A.jpg VideoDragon Issue2 Tape B.jpg
VideoDragon3 Cover Front.jpg xx/1985 Tape 3 VideoDragon3 Tape Front.jpg VideoDragon3 Tape Back.jpg
xx/1985 VideoDragon 04 - Tape Side A.jpg VideoDragon 04 - Tape Side B.jpg
VideoDragon5 Cover Front.jpg xx/1985 VideoDragon5 Tape Front.jpg VideoDragon5 Tape Back.jpg
VideoDragon6 Inlay.jpg xx/1986 Tape 6 VideoDragon6 Tape Front.jpg VideoDragon6 Tape Back.jpg
VideoDragon7 Inlay.jpg xx/1986 VideoDragon7 Tape Front.jpg VideoDragon7 Tape Back.jpg
VideoDragon8 Inlay.jpg xx/1986 VideoDragon8 Tape Front.jpg VideoDragon8 Tape Back.jpg
VideoDragon9 Inlay.jpg xx/1986 VideoDragon9 Tape Front.jpg VideoDragon9 Tape Back.jpg
VideoDragon10 Inlay.jpg xx/1986
VideoDragon11 Inlay Front.jpg VideoDragon11 Inlay Back.jpg xx/1986 VideoDragon 11 - Tape Side A.jpg VideoDragon 11 - Tape Side B.jpg
VideoDragon12 Inlay.jpg xx/1986 VideoDragon12 Tape Front.jpg VideoDragon12 Tape Back.jpg
VideoDragon Cover Back.jpg Common to
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Special Issues

Issue Cover Tape Cover Release Date Tape Contents Tape Side A Tape Side B
LaVozDeSuDragon Inlay.jpg xx/1985 La voz de su Dragon, Side A
La voz de su Dragon, Side B
LaVozDeSuDragon Tape Front.jpg LaVozDeSuDragon Tape Back.jpg