1912 - 1933 Tipp & Co. (TCO)

From The Dragon Archive

Founded in 1912 by Mrs Tipp and Mr Carstens in Nuremberg, Germany. Tipp and Co. was famous for manufacturing tin plate toys, especially large toy cars. Within the first year of formation Tipp manager Philip Ullmann succeeded Mr Carstens as managing director, later acquiring controlling interest then sole ownership in 1919. Both production and sales increased under his ownership and direction. For the following decade the company prospered until, following his employee Arthur Katz, Philip Ullman fled increasing Nazi persecution and restrictions. He emigrated to England in 1933. Arthur Katz moved with his mother from South Africa to Nuremberg in 1920 where he finished his schooling. He then started working for his mother's cousin Philip Ullman at Tipp & Co. in Fürth, Germany until he fled the Nazi persecution, emigrating to England in 1933. Tipp & Co. was subsequently taken over by the Nazi government and placed under control of a former Bing company director. Tipp & Co. closed in 1971.