6809 Machine Code Programming

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6809MachineCodeProgramming Cover.jpg

David Barrow

Copyright © David Barrow 1984

First published 1984 by Granada Publishing

ISBN 0 246 12532 2

From the rear cover:


At the heart of the Dragon, TRS-80 Color Computer and other computer systems, the 6809 microprocessor performs up to a million operations every second. The speed of interpreted BASIC, however, is measured in mere hundreds of actions per second. Machine code is the only way that you, the programmer, can harness the full power of the machine - for really fast games, accurate timing to thousandths of a second and total control of all functions.

This book introduces you to 6809 machine code, the professional programming methods that will save you time and frustration, and tells you how to take command of the support chips dealing with sound, graphics, keyboard and other input/output functions.. Many essential routines are given with explanatory documentation to show the 6809 in action. Perhaps most importantly for Dragon owners, the software is provided to put text on a high resolution screen with a fully re-definable character set.