Anatomy Of The Dragon

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AnatomyOfTheDragon Cover.jpg

Mike James

Copyright © 1983 Mike James

Published by Sigma Technical Press

ISBN 0 905104 35 8

From the rear cover:

Here is a complete guide to programming the Dragon, now that you have progressed beyond the manual. It begins with a brief review of what you ought to know already and then takes you through:

Dragon hardware: its anatomy - chips and circuitry - as it affects the programmer.

Low-Res Graphics and Text.

Hi-Res Graphics.

Sound generation - from music to talking programs.

Advanced graphics - including animation.

Interfacing - joysticks, and the various input/output parts.

Inside BASIC - includes entry points and system variables.

The book ends with an indication of how machine code can help the programmer, which links into Mike James' second book for Sigma -"Language of the Dragon".