Boots Guide To The Dragon 32

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Ian Sinclair

Copyright © 1983 Ian Sinclair

Published 1983 by Granada Publishing on behalf of the Boots Company plc.

ISBN 0 246 12224 2

From the rear cover:

A Fast, No-nonsense Guide to The Dragon 32

Today, everyone needs hands-on experience of computers. The Dragon 32 has rapidly become one of the most popular personal computers and is a very attractive machine for beginners and family use. This book makes it easy to get the best out of your machine - quickly!

It shows you, the beginner, how to get rapid results. All the unnecessary theory is avoided, but lots of illustrative and varied program examples are included so that all the family can start enjoying the Dragon's range of facilities - fast. You are also shown how to design and write your own programs from scratch. Finally, an original game is set out for you to enjoy, and a practical database program is also included to help you organise your home and business life.

Don't get left behind - be your own computer expert!