Brainteasers For The Dragon 32

From The Dragon Archive

Geneviève Ludinski

Copyright © Geneviève Ludinski

First published in Great Britain by Phoenix Publishing Associates

ISBN 0 9465 7613 0

A collection of type in BASIC programs, all in the puzzle genre.

From the Rear Cover:


Here at last is a collection of programs worthy of the title 'Brainteasers' and worthy of the computers for which they are designed. Built around a competition element you will be asked questions requiring logic, general knowledge and mathematical skills in your answers.

Only your quick powers of numeracy can save the lady on the railway track; escape with the takings from the bank; break open a safe.

Only your powers of deduction can solve the Whodunnit? Work out the wiring on the robot; catch the car thief.

All of the programs will exploit the graphic capabilities of your machine and, if you can face up to it, many of the programs will contain an IQ rating at the end of the program.


Genevieve Ludinski is a widely experienced programmer and technical author and has her own software company specialising in educational material.