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Collectors Corner - Or as rare as hens teeth

This is a page dedicated to the truely rare items in the world of dragon. To be classed as rare and be mentioned on this page the items must:

1. Be demonstratably known to exist - No rumours please

2. Be Prototype or limited production/low sale numbers

Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers - A log of known devices and serial numbers

Rare Hardware

Dragon 16K/Pippin/Project SAM - Evidence based on only 1 example known to exist out of 20 made.

Dragon Professional/Project Alpha - Evidence based on 2 known prototypes, 2 production examples, 1 more unknown and 1 motherboard. - Highest serial number known to date is 000008.

Dragon 128/Project Beta - Evidence of 1 completed prototype and 1 motherboard.

Dragon 200 - It would appear that not many of these made it into release or still survive. Only a small number are known to exist in various collections which makes these quite rare.

Dragon 200-E Variant of the Dragon 200, with a spanish keyboard, and a daughterboard with a new character set.

Dragon MSX - There may be two different versions of the Dragon MSX. GEC obtained an MSX license and Dragon Data were reportedly working on an MSX machine prior to going bankrupt. The only definate version is the one Radofin made for Eurohard and of this only a very small number continue to exist with only 2 currently known about.

Rare Software

A & F Software - Deadwood and Swashbuckler. These games were provided to A&F to market and sell, but the author became dissapointed in the success A&F were having. Having recently formed his own software house Quickbeam Software he withdrew them from A&F and released them as Tombstone and Cod Creek on the Quickbeam Software label. Thus these games were only available for a limited time from A & F Software and sold in limited numbers.

Quickbeam Software - Metal-On-Metal. This game was very similar to Uridium on the Commodore C64 and was due for launch in 1988. An incomplete demo was seen at a 6809 show in that year but the game was never released by the author, reportedly due to a shrinking market. Six-A-Side Soccer is not rare, it was renamed to Indoor Football prior to release.

Salamander Software - The White Cliffs of Dover - No evidence that this sequal to Wings of War was ever published, but a version of the game has turned up on a disk collection along with a pre-release version of Wings of War

Wintersoft Software - Juxta-Position II: Usurpur of Rune - Believed to be completed and working on 64K, but never released.

Rare Peripherals

Compusense Ltd - Dragon Plus - It is not known how many of these were sold, but currently only 5 are known to exist (currently not working) and none have appeared on ebay in the last 8 years. This add-in board gave the Dragon an additional 64Kb of RAM and an 80 column text only display via a 2nd video port.