Dragon Multi Cartridge version 1.0 (Rolo)

From The Dragon Archive


This is the Dragon multi cartridge holding 16 or 32 8k (or smaller) ROM images. The cartridge can be equipped with four 27(C)256 (32 kiBytes per chip) or 27(C)512 (64 kiBytes) EPROM chips. The EPROM type is selected by two onboard jumpers.

ROM images are selected by setting a 16 position rotary switch in combination with a single switch (image 0 to 15 and 16 to 31 (in case of 27512 EPROM)). A two digit LED display shows the number of the selected image.

No loading time, the programme is launching immediately after releasing the reset button.

Dragon ROM images

I successfully tested all the ROM images of this archive.

CoCo ROM images

Most of the CoCo ROM images of the archive are running. Some have to be adapted a little bit. In the forum there is a list, which is updated from time to time: <br\> Hints and Tips - Introducing: Dragon multi-cartridge (version 1.0) for ROMs.