Dragon Multi Cartridge version 1.5 (Rolo)

From The Dragon Archive


This is the second Dragon multi cartridge (version 1.5) for Dragon 32 and Dragon 64. This device is exclusively designed for cartridge ROM programs, not for cassette or floppy disk programs.

It holds up to 64 8k (or 4k/2k) ROM images. It also can store 16k ROM images on adjacent slots. The cartridge uses a single 27C4001 EPROM (512 kiBytes).

ROM images are selected by setting two 16 position rotary switches. A two digit LED display shows the number of the selected image (00 ... 63).

Autostart can be switched on and off. An additional switch combines the selected even numbered slot with the following one, providing a 16k slot for larger images.

The board is mounted onto a metal plate to protect the circuitry and to make it fit perfectly into the cartridge slot edge-connector.

No loading time:

- hold reset,
- select slot,
- release reset

and the program will launch immediately.

Dragon ROM images

I successfully tested all the ROM images of this archive.

CoCo ROM images

Most of the CoCo ROM images of the archive are running. Some have to be adapted a little bit, to make them Dragon-compatible. For a list of compatible/modified ROMs please take a look at the forum (->Hints and Tips - Introducing: Dragon multi-cartridge (version 1.0) for ROMs). Modified ROMs can also be found in the forum (->Uploads).


DragonMC1 5small.JPG