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Colin Carter

Copyright © 1983 Colin Carter, Beam Software and Clifford Ramshaw

Published by Melbourne House

ISBN 0 86161 114 4

From the rear cover:


A fresh and highly creative collection of ready made programs designed specifically for the Dragon 32 micro. Created by the sharpest minds in micro software today, this book will teach you how to maximise the entire range of your Dragon's impressive capabilities. Using easy-to-follow programmed listings, this book turns your Dragon 32 into a complete arcade of fast action space and adventure games. All your favourites are there including LUNAR LANDER, DRAGON INVADERS and METEOR STORM, plus there's an entire collection of fresh and exciting new games such as 3-D TREASURE HUNT and FLIGHT SIMULATOR!

The programs in ENTER THE DRAGON fully extend the excellent colour resolution of the Dragon to its maximum, and the action is faster than you ever thought possible.ENTER THE DRAGON will even show you how to make your Dragon talk!

Your overall knowledge of computer operation will be explained too. Each program features an in-depth explanation of how and why it runs and illustrations of screen displays back up the text to ensure you understand exactly what will be achieved.

The book even includes many programming tips and hints usually reserved only for the experts. So whether you are a first-time computer user or an 'old hand' if you want to make your Dragon really perform, and feel the satisfaction of doing it yourself, this is the book that will show you how!



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Warranty Card

EnterTheDragon Warranty Card Front.jpgEnterTheDragon Warranty Card Back.jpg