Giant Book Of Games For Your Dragon

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GiantBookOfGamesForYourDragon Cover.jpg

Tim Hartnell, Alan Blackman, Roger Bush and Robert Young.

copyright © Tim Hartnell, Alan Blackman, Roger Bush and Robert Young.

First published 1983 by Fontana Paperbacks.

ISBN 0 00 636807 7

From the rear cover:

Turn your Dragon 32 into an all-singing, all-dancing games machine! This giant collection of games programs will show you just how effective and exciting a computer your Dragon can be.

Outstanding programs include:

CRAZY HIGHWAY: a game full of tension as you try to get a poor little cat across a busy highway. PRO GOLF: in this stunning arcade-standard program you see the hole in high-resolution graphics. METEOR: control your laser base on the ground to destroy the hired spaceship hovering above you. CAVERN OF THE SHADOW THIEVES: adventure gaming comes to your Dragon as you stumble through the labyrinth. AVALANCHE: as mayor of an Alpine village, the lives of the people are in your hands.

Plus you'll learn how to create moving graphics on your Dragon and how to trap player input errors. The appendix includes a series of game ideas for you to turn into programs, and there's a handy glossary of computer words.