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LanguageOfTheDragon6809Assembler Cover.jpg

Mike James

Copyright © 1983 Mike James

First published by Sigma Technical Press

ISBN 0 905104 36 6

This book has a complete assembler program which is developed in sections as you progress through the book, with a complete listing in the Appendix.

From the rear cover:

The language of the Dragon computer is BASIC to many people but, to write high speed programs and to get the stunning visual effects that you see in arcade style games, you need to go further and program in Assembler.

To many people, assembler language is a black art, not intended for the average programmer. Mike James shows you that this is just not true and takes you step-by-step through every detail of assembler concepts for the 6809 microprocessor (as used in the Dragon) leading up to those very techniques that you need to write fully professional programs.

And you'll see just what assembler packages to get for your Dragon. If you've read Mike James' other book - "Anatomy of the Dragon" - you'll be in good shape to read this one. The two books are all you'll need to be a Dragon expert!