Learning To Use The Dragon 32 Computer

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LearningToUseTheDragon32Computer Cover.jpg

George Knight

Copyright © Gower Publishing Company

First published 1983 by Gower Publishing Company

ISBN 0 566 03494 8

From the rear cover:

This beginners' guide really does begin at the beginning. It assumes that you want to learn to use the Dragon 32 computer in your work or leisure, not become a theorist in computing. Learning to Use the Dragon 32 Computer provides a simple, down to earth, jargon-free introduction to the machine and its software. Follow the text and illustrations and you will end up operating the Dragon 32 and understanding its many capabilities.

Many applications of the Dragon 32 are described, including business, educational and hobby uses. Additionally, a simple and direct introduction to programming the Dragon 32 is given in a way which will help motivate the user to further investigation of the Dragon 32's capabilities. The Dragon 32's ability to produce and draw pictures and diagrams is explored and explained, and programs for a large number of graphics applications are presented.

This book will appeal to new Dragon 32 owners, students in schools and colleges where Dragon 32's are used, businessmen who wish to learn about how to use the Dragon 32 and program it. It will help those who are already learning to use the Dragon 32, but find their current manuals difficult to follow. It also provides the would - be purchaser of microcomputers with information on how the Dragon 32 operates and performs, which will help him to assess whether the machine will suit his need.