Making The Most Of Your Dragon 32

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MakingTheMostOfYourDragon32 Cover.jpg

Clive Gifford

Copyright © 1983 Interface Publications

First published April 1983 by Interface Publications

ISBN 0 907563 25 2

From the rear cover:

With this book, even the newest beginner can conquer the Dragon! All you need to know to write your own programs is here, explained in a clear, easy to understand style. Included are a staggering 150 plus programs, which show the Dragon's advanced features to the full. Play such exciting games as Missile Command, Las Vegas and Lost In Space while learning about High Resolution Graphics and defining functions. Let your Dragon settle accounts, compose poetry and play beautiful music as you relax with a round of putting or fighting dreaded monsters in a twisting maze. All this and much, much more is contained in this essential guide for any Dragon user.