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Pictures of Dragon Motherboards to help with identification.


Pippin PCB Top.jpgPippin PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon 32 - Mark I

SA/OKI boards appear from the schematic to be virtually identical and may be populated with either 8 half good 64K chips mounted directly on the motherboard, or 16 x 16K chips, 6 of them on the motherboard and the remaining 10 on a patch board. This board seems to be the production version of the Pippin prototype, and was originally designed to be either a 16K board or a 64K board. The jumpers fitted just below the power connector at the top of the board are for routing the various voltages and control signals to the RAM chips depending on which sort are fitted.

16 x 16K board :

Always labelled (c) Dragon Data Ltd:

Dragon32 PCB Top (PC10087 Issue2).jpgDragon32 PCB Bottom (PC10087 Issue2).jpg

or (c) Dragon Data Services Ltd, Issue 2:
Dragon32 PCB Top (PC10087 Issue2 Dragon Data Services Ltd).jpgDragon32 PCB Bottom (PC10087 Issue2 Dragon Data Services Ltd).jpg
Here is another picture.

8 x 64K board :

Always labelled (c) Dragon Data Ltd, Issue 2

SA 8x64K.png

One of the rarer boards was the Siemens board which was fitted with 8 x HYB4232, though in the example that I have for some strange reason these are double stacked, which suggests that they are like the 64K chips on the original board half good chips.

16 x 16K Siemens board :

Always labelled (c) Dragon Data Ltd, Issue 2


D32 MB Siemens.JPG

Dragon 32 - Mark II

The most common variant of the Dragon 32 board is the MK II board, this board had 16 x 16K chips but had been re-designed to have all of the 16K chips on the main board. Always labelled DRAGON DATA LTD CPU UK 32K MKII with either Issue 5 or Issue 6

16 x 16K MKII board (PC10087 Issue 5, 258x178mm) :
Please notice the two extra resistors to the left of the MC6847 VDG that does not appear on the old picture.

Dragon32 PCB Top (PC10087 Issue5).jpgDragon32 PCB Bottom (PC10087 Issue5).jpg

16 x 16K MKII board (PC10087 Issue 5, 258x178mm) :
Alternative version of the Issue 5 board with different factory markings

Dragon32 PCB Top (PC10087 Issue5 Alt).jpgDragon32 PCB Bottom (PC10087 Issue5 Alt).jpg

16 x 16K MKII board (PC10087 Issue 5 P/N 48127, 258x178mm) :

Dragon Data LTD CPU UK 32K MKII PC10087 Issue 5 PN48127 PCB Top.jpgDragon Data LTD CPU UK 32K MKII PC10087 Issue 5 PN48127 PCB Bottom.jpg

16 x 16K MKII board (PC10087 Issue 5A, 254x174mm) :
Shown below, an Issue 5A board, upgraded to 64KB ram.

Dragon32 Mk2 Issue5A PCB Top.jpgDragon32 Mk2 Issue5A PCB Bottom.jpg

16 x 16K MKII board (PC10087 Issue 6, 258x178mm) :

Dragon32 PCB Top (PC10087 Issue6).jpgDragon32 PCB Bottom (PC10087 Issue6).jpg

16 x 16K MKII board (PC10087 Issue 6 P/N 48127, 254x175mm) :
Seems to be the same as the other issue 6 board but manufactured on a different factory.

Dragon32 PCB Top (PC10087 Issue6 PN48127).jpgDragon32 PCB Bottom (PC10087 Issue6 PN48127).jpg

16 x 16K MKII board (PC10087 Issue 6 P/N 48127, 254x175mm) :
Another version of the board, with a P/N 48200 Issue 2 daughterboard.

Dragon32 PCB Top (PC10087 Issue6 PN48127 with PN48200 Issue 2).jpgDragon32 PCB Bottom (PC10087 Issue6 PN48127 with PN48200 Issue2).jpgPN48200 Issue2 PCB Top.jpgPN48200 Issue2 PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon 32 - Other

Dragon 32 board (P/N 41503, 254x203mm) :
This one seems to be a cleaner redesign of the Dragon 32 board, by PARC Electronics Ltd.

  • Issue 2


  • Issue 3

Dragon 32 PCB Top (PN41503 Issue3).jpgDragon 32 PCB Bottom (PN41503 Issue3).jpg

Dragon 64

British Dragon 64 Board (P/N CD41505, 258x200mm).

Dragon64 PCB Top (CD41505).jpgDragon64 PCB Bottom (CD41505).jpg

British Dragon 64 Issue 2A Board.

Dragon64 PCB Top (CD41505 Issue2A).jpgDragon64 PCB Bottom (CD41505 Issue2A).jpg
Here's another picture.

British Dragon 64 Board (P/N CD41505 Issue 3, 258x200mm) Dragon Data 1983.

Dragon64 PCB Top (CD41505 Issue3).jpgDragon64 PCB Bottom (CD41505 Issue3).jpg

Tano Dragon

The US Tano Dragon 64 motherboard, Part Number 48418/2. The Tano board is about the same size of a UK Dragon 32 board, as it didn't need the NTSC to PAL conversion circuitry.

Dragon Tano Issue 1 Board
DragonTano PCB Top.jpgDragonTano PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon Tano Issue 2 Board
DragonTano Issue2 PCB Top.jpgDragonTano Issue2 PCB Bottom.jpg

Here is another picture (Note the wires in the bottom left are not normally there :) ).

Dragon 200

The Spanish Dragon 200 is the very same English Dragon 64 (P/N CD41505 Issue 3, 258x200mm), except for the power led connector on the lower left corner of the PCB.

Dragon200 PCB Top.jpgDragon200 PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon 200E

Variant of the Dragon 200, with an extra character rom for lowercase letters and all spanish characters, and spanish keyboard.

Dragon200E PCB Top.jpgDragon200E PCB Bottom Thumb.jpgDragon200E VDG Piggyback PCB Top.jpgDragon200E VDG Piggyback PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon Alpha

Dragon P/N 41514 Level 1 Alpha (with Daughterboard P/N 41520)
DragonAlpha PCB Top (CD41514 Level1Alpha) Thumb.jpgDragonAlpha PCB Bottom (CD41514 Level1Alpha) Thumb.jpg
DragonAlpha PCB Top (CD41514 41520 Level1Alpha) Thumb.jpgDragonAlpha DaughterBoard PCB Top (PN41520).jpgDragonAlpha DaughterBoard PCB Bottom (PN41520).jpg

Dragon P/N 41514 Level 2 Alpha
DragonAlpha PCB Top (CD41514 Level2Alpha) Thumb.jpgDragonAlpha PCB Bottom (CD41514 Level2Alpha) Thumb.jpg
Here's another picture.

Dragon Beta

Dragon Beta P/N41500 Issue A
The following pictures are courtesy of Richard Harding.
DragonBeta PCB Top (PN41500 IssueA) Thumb.jpg
DragonBeta Bare PCB Top (PN41500 IssueA) Thumb.jpgDragonBeta Bare PCB Bottom (PN41500 IssueA) Thumb.jpg

Dragon MSX

We'd like to thank David F. Gisbert aka Tromax ( for giving us the chance to photograph and scan his Dragon MSX, and the Classic Computing Users Association ( for making it possible.

Dragon MSX (P/N Radofin XM-2183-B, 271x221mm)

DragonMSX PCB Top Thumb.jpgDragonMSX PCB Bottom Thumb.jpg