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Pictures of Dragon power source boards to help with identification.


Pippin PowerBoard PCB Top.jpgPippin PowerBoard PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon 32

Issue 3 (P/N 47190, 250x85mm) :
DragonDataLtd Iss3 PCB Top.jpgDragonDataLtd Iss3 PCB Bottom.jpg

Issue 4 (P/N 48256, 250x85mm) :
Psu iss4 d32 comp.jpgPsu iss4 d32 sold.jpg

Issue 6 (P/N 48086, 250x85mm) :

Issue 7 (P/N 48086, 250x85mm) :

Secam PSU (P/N 41504,250x85mm) :
Dragon32 PSU PN41504 PCB Top.jpgDragon32 PSU PN41504 PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon 64

Issue 4 (P/N 48256, 250x85mm) :
The green cable and open track on the solder side seem to be an official fix, as other 64's have it too and it's consistent with the schematics. Maybe a Dragon 32 to Dragon 64 upgrade?
DragonDataLtd Iss4 48256 PCB Top.jpgDragonDataLtd Iss4 48256 PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon Tano

Issue 2 NTSC (P/N 48434-2, 254x85mm) :
Including detail shot of the modulator.
DragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 PCB Top.jpgDragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 PCB Bottom.jpgDragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 Modulator.jpg
DragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 PCB Top Alt.jpgDragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 PCB Bottom Alt.jpg


Type CT (UK Dragon 32 with Serial No. 019193 DG)

Ref. 28475

Type PL53

Square, type CT

Type TD64-1 (Dragon Tano)