The Dragon And How To Make The Most Of It

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TheDragonAndHowToMakeTheMostOfIt Cover.jpg

Ian Sinclair

Copyright © 1983 Ian Sinclair

First published 1983 by Granada Publishing

ISBN 0 246 12114 9

From the rear cover:


The Dragon 32 has rapidly become one of the most popular personal computers. It offers excellent value with its large memory and many exciting facilities. It is a very attractive machine for beginners and family use, but businessmen will also find that the Dragon offers a surprisingly comprehensive programming capability compared with its more expensive rivals.

Aimed at the beginner, this book starts with setting up the machine and guides you step-by-step until you become sufficiently expert to write your own programs and create your own special effects.

This essential book for all users will set you on a sure course to mastering and enjoying to the full the range of facilities that this remarkable machine offers.