The Power Of The Dragon

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ThePowerOfTheDragon Cover.jpg

John Sharp and David Bolton

Copyright © 1983 David Bolton and John Sharp

Published by Microsource

ISBN 0 946582 00 9

From the rear cover:


  • Thirty programs covering games, education and business with hints and tips on programming, plus a comprehensive guide to debugging.
  • A range of programs that has been carefully selected to cope with a wide range of interest and knowledge on the part of the reader and also to cover the full range of facilities offered by the Dragon.
  • A programming style which emphasises and illustrates the power of the Dragon's BASIC language without using obscure and confusing programming tricks.
  • The function of each program and the techniques that it will illustrate are summarised for easy reference.
  • Each program is listed in exactly the same 32-column format in which it will appear on the TV screen so that typing errors can be easily spotted.
  • A 'Checksum' calculation can be carried out on each program to confirm that a program has been properly typed in.
  • Rather than confusing and expanding the programs with remark statements a separate detailed program structure explanation is presented saying what each line or section of the program does and explaining with practical examples each new topic or command as it arises.
  • Suggestions and hints are given for expanding the programs further and other applications are suggested for the techniques presented.
  • In short this book will help you to write intelligent and well-thought out programs, and thus realise the true power of the Dragon.