The Working Dragon 32

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TheWorkingDragon32 Cover.jpg

David Lawrence

Copyright © David Lawrence

First published 1983 by Sunshine Books

ISBN 0 946408 01 7

From the rear cover:

The Working Dragon 32 is based on a collection of solid, sophisticated programs in areas such as data storage, finance, graphics, household management, education and games of skill.

Some of the more advanced programs include a Text Editor, which can perform many of the functions of a word processor, and a Music Editor, which will let you write long music programs without endlessly repeating similar routines.

Each of the programs is explained in detail, line by line. And each of the programs is built up out of general purpose subroutines and modules which, once understood, can form the basis of any other programs you need to write.

Advanced programming skills spring out of the discussion explaining each subroutine. The collection also leaves you with a wide range of practical applications programs which might otherwise only be available on cassette.