Jungle Search

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Jungle Search
Title image from the game
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Company Omega Software
Release 1984
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Adventure
Gamemode 1P
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Media Icon Cassette.png
Language Language:english

"JUNGLE SEARCH" An adventure game where you are an intrepid adventurer who lands in darkest Africa in search of the legendary elephants graveyard.


  • Micro Adventurer Issue 4, page 25, February 1984

Adventure Jungle Search
Micro Dragon 32 Price £6.00
Format Cassette Supplier
Omega Software, 38
Hammond Avenue, Bacup,

YOU ARE the sole survivor of a plane crash in darkest Africa, and the task before you is to find the legendary elephants' graveyard.
Not a very difficult task in this case as you are already equipped with everything you might need, and given a list of the commands available for you to use -- two list actually, one on the cassette inlay and another in the program itself (and no, they aren't the same).
This adventure is written in BASIC, but the response times are quite fast as there are so few options available to you. It is almost, but not quite, text only. There is one small sequence of graphics, but you could easily overlook it.
There are various hazards on your way, or rather out of your way in most cases. I discovered after completing a map of the game that the shortest route to the graveyard is only around 20 moves long.
Some of the hazards are invariably fatal, some are occasionally fatal and the rest are mostly very easy to overcome. The wild animals generally die when shot or stabbed, but they are resurrected if you are unwise enough to retrace your steps.
I remember from my schooldays that alpha stood for excellent, beta for good.... Omega Software would seems, from this game, to be quite appropriately named.
The plot is uninspired, the location descriptions brief and repetitive, the puzzles unpuzzling, and as there are now so many good adventures available for the Dragon this one really doesn't deserve serious consideration. MN


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