An Introduction To Programming The Dragon 32

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R.A. & J.W. Penfold

copyright © BERNARD BABANI (publishing) LTD.

First published December 1983 by BERNARD BABANI (publishing) LTD.

ISBN 0 85934 108 9

From the rear cover:

By starting with the more simple commands and short programs, and gradually tackling more complex commands and programs, with a little effort it is not too difficult to master BASIC programming on the DRAGON 32. This gradual approach is the one used in this book, and a number of demonstration programs are used to illustrate the various commands and the ways in which they can be used. Most of the programs are for games, but one or two show how a home computer can be usefully employed in practical applications, and hopefully, these will serve as more than just demonstration programs. The DRAGON 32 has a comprehensive manual, and the contents of this book have been designed to expand on this rather than to simply duplicate it.

The text is divided into the following chapters: 1,Variables and Arrays; 2,Block Graphics; 3,Sound Generator; 4,Timing; 5,Binary and Hex; 6,Data File Handling; 7,Interfacing; 8,Animation; 9,Machine Code; 10,Decisions; 11,Extras.

Essential reading for all DRAGON 32 owners be they beginners or well experienced at programming.