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Welcome to The Dragon Archive, a complete archive of everything related to the Dragon series of machines (Dragon 32, Dragon 64, Dragon 200, Tano Dragon).

The Dragon Archive is a wiki that contains information about these machines, emulation of the Dragon 32 and Dragon 64, Dragon related Publications (Books, Magazines, Newsletters), Adverts and the Dragon Software Archive containing games, applications and system software.

You will need to register to be able to contribute to the site and its forums, so please don't be shy. I encourage all members to take and active role in providing new content.

With over 700 files in the software archive and still more to be uploaded as I get them sorted this is the largest collection of original Dragon 32 and Dragon 64 software on the internet. If you are looking to emulate a Dragon then the archive recommends either the excellent XROAR from or MAME from

This site is a Wiki and its success depends upon your get involved today!

Recent Dragon Downloads Changes

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June 2022

Updated - Pere Serrats AGD Conversions, Infocom Engine and much more

September 2021

Some MIA titles now acquired and archived plus some uploads from Stewart Orchard to fill some gaps - Thank You !!

New - Abacus - Home Finance

New - Abacus - Music Tutor

New - Abacus - Spreadsheet

New - Compusense - Source Tapes Vol 3

Fixed - Kouga - Ball Dozer

New - Kouga - Ball Dozer Clone Kit

New - Kouga - ROTABB Clone Kit

New - McGowen - Printer Control

New - Stewart Orchard - Black Planet Demo and Source

New - Stewart Orchard - Grid Sprite Editor

New - TEIPEN MWNCI - Blockdown

New - Dragon User - Type-In Programs from Dragon User

August 2021

Thanks to Andy Fox the archive got its hands on some master tapes from Programmers Guild UK. One of them contains an unreleased game for the Dragon and the others are the master tapes for existing releases.

New - Programmers Guild - Death Dreadnaught - UNRELEASED!!

New - Programmers Guild - Protector - MASTER 3rd November 1983

July 2021

New - Magic Midnight - Lachlan!

November 2020

New - Datacom - 5 Games Tape

New - Elkan Electronics - Dragon Cruncher

New - RamPage - Picture Writer

New - Preston Computer Games - 5 Games Tape

New - Preston Computer Games - Autorun II

New - Preston Computer Games - Hotel On Mayfair

New - Preston Computer Games - TRUN

New - Preston Computer Games - Wizards Lair

October 2020

New - A&F - Horror Castle

New - IDS - El Microprocesador

New - Juniper Computing - Word Processor

New - Merlin Software - Lander

Fixed - New Dimension Software - 3D Graphics

September 2020

New - Wizard Software - Dragon Startrek

New - Wizard Software - Strategy

New - Wizard Software - Touchdown

New - Bailey Soft - Casino Pack 1


Phill Harvey-Smith - All his help in getting the Dragon Alphas and Beta running again, creating the emulation of these machines in MESS and his recent help in creating a multi-load cart that we used at VCF-GB and for taking time out to dump a load of ROMS for me.

Ray Smith - Boxed Dragon 64, multiple Dragon Data Disk Drives and Disk Controllers. Dragon software on tape and disk. Every issue of the National Dragon Users Group newsletter, and every issue of his own UP-2-DATE disk magazine.

Sarah Burgin - Sarah has worked with me to update the Dragon Convert program for archive use. Its original purpose was to convert Dragon information for use with the Dragon emulators, and in doing so create the smallest possible file. My requirement was to preserve the content of Dragon tapes so that they could be re-created and loaded into a real Dragon. Sarah was kind enough to provide me with the source code and allow me to develop the program - source code I have since lost :-(.

Richard Harding - Custodian of the Dragon Data archive. He has been kind enough to allow me to use some of his scanned images on this site (no point in scanning the same image twice). He and I are working together on our respective archives and collaborating where possible.

Paul Grade - Paul was kind enough to re-visit his days of running the National Dragon Users Group and search his attic for the schematic diagrams the group once sold for a pound each. He scanned them in and they are now available from this site.

Ross Hamilton - The original owner of The Dragon Software Archive. Ross was kind enough to send me the archive as a starting point for my site.

Robert Olive - Robert has kindly scanned in some covers for games that I don't yet have in the archive, he as also agreed to try to archive these games and send them to me. Many thanks Robert.

Soren Roug - Virtual disk images of OS9 C and OS9 Pascal. My disks seem to be in a format that VCOPY cannot read. Many thanks Soren for sending me these files.

Tom Wilkinson - Tom has sampled and converted many Dragon games into .CAS files for the archive, many thanks Tom for your input.

Alastair Shewan - Alastair has sent me some additions to the software archive, many thanks for your input into this site.

Eddie Freeman - Has been most helpful with information and tracking down Dragon related people for me, many thanks Eddie. He has also donated boxes full of Dragon related documents, adventure solutions etc.

Terry Chittock - Terry has been kind enough to donate a number of software items to the archive. Many Thanks.

David Linsley - Permission to publish an edited version of his History of the Dragon article

Whats New in the Wiki?

Recent Changes

New Pages

June 2020 New section on side bar Dragon Downloads Quickstart - Links to premade downloadable content for getting those games loaded. Android Phone contains hundreds of games in WAV format that can be played from most Android Phones via an App and CLOAD/CLOADM loaded into a Dragon. CoCoSDC, DragonDrive and DragonMMC contain content that can be put into SDCard or USB for those devices and contain hundreds of files. Enjoy !!

February 2020 PLAY NOW - Go visit the software download area and where you see the "Play Now" link you can play cassette and disk games in your browser courtesy of Xroar Online.

February 2019 Lots of updates behind the scenes. Forum is now running on the latest version of phpBB3 - Wiki is next !!. The downloads archive continues to grow with additional software and is now >5GB in size. More planned for 2019 so watch this space !

February 2018 Massive archive update just uploaded - including 400Mb of additional content. Mostly new scans of inlays and manuals but also some MIA titles are now no longer MIA and we now have a large number of the master disks used at Orange Software/Pulser Software/PSE to master their disk and tape products - scans of the disk labels (for all disks) are on the to do list. Still more to sort out, and a huge "dump" of files not in the new archive to work through.

January 2018 A new year and a new archive (well the start of one). Combining the excellent work of various contributors, plus a lot of scanning from the archives own collection, we now have much more content available and still more to come. Over the next few months the content in the downloads section will be re-organised as I introduce a new structure and content. The most important changes will be when looking for Tape/Disk and Rom content to download - these will now ALL be under "Software" and follow the same structure and the TOSEC naming standard (The important bit is the [!] which indicates a PERFECT dump and [u] which indicates an under-dump - IE there is content missing and the title needs to be re-dumped - usually this is sync bytes on headers, but could also be level data or graphic data for 64K games). For a time it will be split between the two locations as I work through each publisher.

June 2017 Saturday 3rd June 2016 saw a gathering of Dragon and 680x friends at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, where once again THREE Alphas/Dragon Professionals were on display and the Dragon Beta too. Thanks to Tony for organising and all those who came or brought something to exhibit - lots to see - playing Dunjunz on real hardware was manic and seeing other works in progress was amazing. I have also recently uploaded a large number of VDK disk images that were not previously online - mostly FLEX related with a couple of DragonPlus specific titles in there too.

November 2016 Started an overhaul of the download area - this will sadly break most of the links between the Wiki pages and the files, but fixing those is on the TODO list. I am now grouping the files into folders as it had become hard to find stuff - 90% done. I have also moved all the older incomplete [u] files into a zzBadDumps folder where we now have a perfect image of the tape content. There are still many more that need to be re-imaged. I am also going through my collection and converting more tapes - according to my spreadsheet I have over 100 titles that are not available in CAS/WAV form - something for the long winter nights. Over 20 have already been done and are available. I am also being very cautious about adding content from other sites as some of it is CoCo software that just happens to work on a Dragon (unless it needs key presses, then you have to work out the kepmap differences) - these will be put into the CoCo folder rather than the Dragon folder based on the machine they were originally intended/sold for.

June 2016 Its been a while and a lot has happened. All pages are now assigned to one or more categories to help visitors find information and there has been a regular stream of updates from the core contributors. Thanks guys for your hard work - you know who you are :-).... Admin

Did you know?

  • That BGMICRO can supply the ICS2797 as a replacement for the WD2797 disc controller IC - Once the new IC is inplace you may need to use a scope to calibrate it correctly.
  • That you can buy clothing with the Dragon Logo on it from zazzle
  • That the author of the Dragon BIOS encoded his initials into the final image so ALL dragons have the initials DNS hidden within their ROM?
  • That the once managing director of Microdeal now sells custom made cars on the south coast of the UK?
  • That MESS can emulate the Dragon 32, Dragon 64, Alpha and Beta?
  • That in 2007 a new game was written for the Dragon 32/64 (and CoCo 2/3). That game was GLOVE (a Gauntlet style game) and the same author has just released a 6809 remake of 3D Deathchase in 2009. Good work James, two new Dragon games in the last 2 years.