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DragonMachineCode Cover.jpg

Robin Jones and Eric Cowsill

Copyright © Robin Jones and Eric Cowsill 1984

Published by Shiva Publishing Ltd.

ISBN 0 906812 68 2

From the rear cover:

Bored with BASIC?

Talk to your Dragon in its own language - 6809 machine code! Here's an easy-to-follow guide for the newcomer to machine code, or for the experienced programmer new to the 6809 - one of the most sophisticated chips on the market.

Learn how to:

  • do arithmetic - fast!
  • create instantaneous text displays
  • use the Dragon's system variables
  • control arcade-speed moving graphics
  • write your own monitor
  • put text on the hi-res screen

Seven appendices help you to get the best from your Dragon. These include a complete set of 6809 opcodes and a full monitor listing.

So...what are you waiting for?