Further Programming For The Dragon 32

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Further Programming For The Dragon 32 Cover.jpg

Ian Stewart and Robin Jones.

Copyright © Ian Stewart and Robin Jones.

First published 1983 by Shiva Publishing Ltd.

ISBN 0 906812 39 9

From the rear cover:

This sequel to Easy Programming for the Dragon 32 will take you further along the road to conquering your Dragon. It illuminates some of the more advanced features of the machine and includes sections on:

  • graphics
  • music
  • debugging
  • programming style
  • editing

To improve your program writing capability the authors take you through the case histories of two games programs. Ideas are given for writing your own games, and projects are suggested with answers at the end of each chapter. Many demonstration programs are listed including:

Planetary search



Sound effects

Don't just buy other peoples' programs: write your own.