Instant Arcade Games For The Dragon 32

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InstantArcadeGamesForTheDragon32 Cover.jpg

Jean Frost

Copyright © Jean Frost 1983

First published 1983 by Pan Books Ltd.

ISBN 0 330 28271 9

From the rear cover:


For the newcomer to computing, Jean Frost's Instant Arcade Games will be nothing short of a revelation.

With little or no knowledge of BASIC, you can still take a suite of 'skeleton' programs and create your own arsenal of dynamic and totally unique arcade games.

This is not just another collection of listings, but a library of software that also serves as one of the most accessible introductions to structured programming ever written.

For Dragon users who already write their own software, Instant Arcade Games offers an invaluable library of imaginative subroutines and user-defined graphics to enhance the efficiency and visual impact of their games programs.

Spaceships, motherships, firing and scoring routines - the book is packed with ready-made modules that can be slotted into virtually any kind of arcade-style program.