More Games For Your Dragon 32

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MoreGamesForYourDragon32 Cover.jpg

Clive Gifford, David Edwards and Phillip Broughton

Copyright © 1984 Interface/Virgin Books

First published 1984 by Virgin Books Ltd.

ISBN 0 86369 033 5

From the rear cover:

More than 20 challenging programs, each one especially written for the series and guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.

THE BIANCO MANSIONS(solve the riddle of the Bianco family in this complex and dangerous adventure); JOUST(can your knight beat the Dragon?); ROCK,SCISSORS,PAPER(a computerised, graphic version of an old favourite); METEOR(brave the storm ahead in this high resolution, action packed game!); TREASURE TRAIL(can you find the hidden treasure in the time you have left?); BAT'N'BALL(keep a fast-moving ball in play); and REACTION(this vivid program tests your split-second reactions).

MORE GAMES FOR YOUR DRAGON 32 will improve your programming skills as you follow the instructions to put each of the programs into your machine, and comes complete with a brief dictionary of computer terms, a selective bibliography and some hints on how to extend the programs in the book.