A Pocket Handbook For The Dragon

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APocketHandbookForTheDragon Cover.jpg

Peter Gerrard and Danny Doyle

Copyright © 1984 by Peter Gerrard

First published in 1984 by Duckworth

ISBN 0 7156 1788 5

This book is a collection of facts, figures, and useful hints and tips. Though primarily for the Dragon 32, much applies to the Dragon 64 and a section on RS232 standards is included.

From the Rear Cover:

The topics covered here include: ASCII tables, Assembler/Disassembler, Basic keywords, Basic error messages, Centronics standards, Conversion tables, Flow charting, Hex/Dec/Binary conversions, Hyperbolic functions, IEEE standards, Input/Output, Interfacing standards, Memory maps, Memory architecture, Machine Code interfacing, Machine Code instruction set, Musical note values, RS232 standards, Useful machine code and system calls. In short, everything you need to know about your machine.

Peter Gerrard, former editor of Commodore Computing International, is the author of two top-selling adventure games for the Commodore 64 and a regular contributor to Personal Computer News, Which Micro? and Software Review and Commodore Horizons.

Danny Doyle is Systems Performance Consultant for Sperry Ltd. and a regular contributor to Commodore Computing International.