Advanced Sound And Graphics For The Dragon Computer

From The Dragon Archive

Keith and Steven Brain

Copyright © Keith and Steven Brain

First published 1983 by Sunshine Books

ISBN 0 946408 06 8

From the rear cover:

Advanced Sound and Graphics uses a carefully structured approach to show you how to develop routines in your own Dragon programs.

All the major aspects of the sound and graphics capabilities are covered in detail and are fully illustrated. The book takes you from first principles through to bar charts, maps,3-D projections, movement, animation, direct drawing, screen saving and printing and many other features. Complex sound effects are examined in detail including keyboard sound synthesis, the graphic display of music and the integration of sound and graphics.

In addition to dealing with the operation and applications of the BASIC commands the book explains the internal organisation of the sound and graphics facilities. It also shows you how to use machine code routines to improve your programs.