Artificial Intelligence And The Dragon Computer

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ArtificialIntelligenceOnTheDragonComputer Cover.jpg

Keith and Steven Brain

Copyright © 1984 Keith and Steven Brain

First published 1984 by Sunshine Books

ISBN 0 946408 33 5

From the rear cover:

Artificial Intelligence on the Dragon computer shows you how to implement AI routines on your home micro and turn it into an intelligent machine which can hold a conversation with you, give you rational advice, learn from you (and teach you) and even write programs for you.

The book explains AI from first principles and assumes no previous knowledge of the subject. All the important aspects of AI are covered and are fully illustrated with example programs.

For many years science fiction books and films have contained 'intelligent' computers which appear to be at least the equal of man. Although some of the features described in these remain illusions, extensive research into AI has brought many of the ideas much nearer reality.