Budget prévisionnel

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Budget prévisionnel
AgroSystemes BudgetPrevisionnel Screenshot01.png
Company Agro Systemes
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Application
Gamemode 1P Only
Operation Icon tastatur.png
Media Icon Cartridge.png
Language Language:french

This Agro Systemes Budget Forecasting program is a forecasting tool that works in the form of a table where Forecast Revenue and Expenses can be entered and modified month by month. It immediately calculates a forecast result, (financing capacity or financing requirement) that shows the impact of each decision on cash flow, and the financial health of the operation. It takes into consideration any charges coming from a bank overdraft. It allows a comparison of the projected annual balance for each expenditure or revenue account, with its level from the previous year. Finally, with the introduction of balance sheet items, it presents a result that can be tracked as each forecast changes.

This is the french translation of FarmFax's Cash Planner.


AgroSystemes BudgetPrevisionnel Screenshot02.pngAgroSystemes BudgetPrevisionnel Screenshot03.pngAgroSystemes BudgetPrevisionnel Screenshot04.png


AgroSystemes Box.jpg
AgroSystemes BudgetPrevisionnel Front.jpgAgroSystemes BudgetPrevisionnel Back.jpg
AgroSystemes BudgetPrevisionnel PCB Top.jpgAgroSystemes BudgetPrevisionnel PCB Bottom.jpg


  • Budget prévisionnel (zipped .ROM file)