Creating Adventure Games On Your Dragon 32

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CreatingAdventureGamesonyourDRAGON32 Cover.jpg

Clive Gifford

First published Interface Publications, 1984

Copyright © Clive Gifford, 1983

First printing February 1984

ISBN 0 907563 57 0

Primarily, this book is a collection of programs for you to type in and enjoy and/or use in your own adventure games. There are some five adventures of one type or another in this book, as well as a whole host of adventure utilities and four non­ adventure games. The whole aim of this project is to get you, the reader, up and writing your own adventure games as quickly as possible.

From the Rear Cover:

Halfway through a complex maze or in the middle of a fight with a fearsome dragon, haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own adventure using your ideas for locations, creatures and obstacles? Well, if you own a Dragon computer then here is your chance.

This book takes you stage by stage through the world of computer adventure gaming, from the very basics to the more advanced concepts. Along the way you will be shown how to construct game maps, insert problems for the player to solve and learn how to use all the techniques that are the difference between an average adventure and an excellent one. In addition, there are no less than five full adventures for you to type in and enjoy, ranging from the visually stunning 3D Maze to the hideously complex 'Nielson Papers'.

Written by a dedicated adventurer who has a regular monthly column in a Dragon publication just on this subject, the book also features a chapter on utilising sound and graphics in your adventures and a number of other games including 'Swarm' and 'Four by Four' making this the best value Dragon book around.