Cuthbert Goes Digging

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Cuthbert Goes Digging
Cassette cover
Developer Steve Bak
Company Microdeal
Publisher Microdeal
Release 1983
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Action
Gamemode 1P Only
Operation Icon tastatur.png
Media Icon Cassette.png
Language Language:english

The object of this game is to kill all the "moronians" inhabiting the construction site. To kill a moronian Cuthbert must dig a hole, lure the moronian into it, and then finally cover up the hole again. At the higher levels, it becomes necessary to dig several holes above each other and have the moronians fall several floors to kill them. To make matters worse, all moronians must be killed before all the oxygen is gone.



Title image from the gameTitle image from the gameGameplay from Cuthbert Goes Digging


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