Dragon 32 Games Master

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Keith Brain/Steven Brain

Copyright © Keith Brain/Steven Brain

First published 1983 by Sunshine Books

ISBN 0 946408 03 03 (1984 Reprint)

A book that aims to teach the reader how to write top level games for the Dragon 32 using the BASIC language.

From the Rear Cover:

Games Master uses a carefully structured approach to show you how to write and develop computer games programs on your Dragon 32.

All the major aspects of interactive computer games are considered as you learn how to handle sound, colour, graphics, movement, mazes, detection, decisions, responses, consequences, scoring systems, status displays, economics, skill levels, title sequences and construction. You will be able to include all of these features into your own user-friendly games.

The book takes you step by step, line by line, from the first principles of writing the simplest games right through to the design, construction and testing of first class adventure games which can rival commercial software in complexity and presentation.

All the program schemes are illustrated with flowcharts. Another useful feature is the ‘Now it’s your turn’ section at the end of each chapter, which sets interesting problems to test your knowledge and programming skills.

Master the contents of Dragon 32 Games Master and you will soon be able to develop your own ideas into sophisticated new games and become your own Grandmaster of computer programs.

The authors, Keith and Steven Brain, are a father and son team. They are both regular contributors to Popular Computing Weekly.

This book was translated to spanish and published as La mejor programacion del dragon por la practica.