Dragon MSX

From The Dragon Archive

The Dragon MSX was a MSX machine made by Radofin for Eurohard SA.

It seems that several hundred units were built, but never marketed as Eurohard had to close due to financial problems.

Some employees were given a Dragon MSX as part of their payment.

Only one machine is known to exist, with serial number 000037 and is property of David F. Gisbert aka Tromax (https://tromax.webnode.es/).

The spanish Classic Computing Users Association (https://www.auic.es) contacted David and asked to borrow the machine for preserving it.

We'd like to thank David and the AUIC for making it possible for us to photograph and scan the Dragon MSX!

Detailed scans of the Dragon MSX's motherboard can be found on the hardware pictures page.

The machine itself is a standard 64KB MSX machine, and the rom dumps confirm that it has the same roms as a Sony HB-55/HB-75.