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Dragon Data Ltd. and several other companies published a series of software titles as cartridges. In this page you'll find pictures of different cartridge PCBs. It's aim is to have a reference of all cartridge models to be able to study them and see if it would be possible to create our own cartridges for Dragon software development.

8KB (2x4KB) Cartridges

Dragon Data cartridge 102x69 mm
DragonData Chess Cartridge PCB Top.jpgDragonData Chess Cartridge PCB Bottom.jpg
DragonData 2x4KB Cartridge PCB Top.jpgDragonData 2x4KB Cartridge PCB Bottom.jpg

16KB (2x8KB) Cartridges

Dragon Data P/N 48427 Issue 1 (2x2764)
DragonData 48427 Iss1 2x8KB 2764 Cartridge PCB Top.jpgDragonData 48427 Iss1 2x8KB 2764 Cartridge PCB Bottom.jpg

MACE cartridge
MACE PCB Top.jpgMACE PCB Bottom.jpg

Compusense Cartridge
EditPlus PCB Top Empty.jpgEditPlus PCB Bottom.jpg


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