Getting The Most From Your Dragon 32

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GettingTheMostFromYourDragon32 Cover.jpg

David Bannister

Copyright © David Bannister 1983

First published 1983 by Penguin Books

ISBN 0 14007801 0

From the rear cover:


But how does it work? What can it do? How can you use it for games? How do you write programs? How do you produce graphics? Use it for learning foreign languages? What do you do if something goes wrong?

Getting the Most from Your Dragon 32 is a comprehensive and carefully designed introduction to your machine. The book is written and edited by professional journalists and writers and, through the use of diagrams, colour photographs, programs, entertaining examples and informative appendices, it takes you, in a clear and painless way, from the elements of computing through to mastery of your machine.

If you want to understand what your Dragon 32 is really capable of doing, then this is the book for you.