Introducing Dragon Machine Code

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Ian Sinclair

Copyright © 1984 by Ian Sinclair

First published 1984 by Granada Publishing

ISBN 0 246 12324 9

From the rear cover:


Sooner or later most users feel restricted by BASIC's limitations such as the slow speed of some commands - particularly when fast animation of graphics is concerned - and the limited control over the machine. For really fast operation and full mastery over the machine, making special effects such as new graphics modes possible, the best answer is machine code.

Machine code consists of number codes which affect the microprocessor of the computer directly. The use of machine code by-passes BASIC altogether, so that the instructions which you write and use in machine code will exert direct control over your Dragon. This book assumes nothing more than a reasonable knowledge of BASIC. You are shown what machine code is, how it works, and how to enter, run and save code. In the course of reading this book, you will learn much more about how the Dragon works. You will also discover how versatile you can become, as a whole new world of special effects opens up. The vital aids to efficient machine code writing are also covered, for you to go further with this fascinating subject. Many who do so never return to BASIC again!