Know Your Dragon

From The Dragon Archive

Don Monro, illustrations by Bill Tidy

Copyright © Medium Publishing Ltd.

Published under licence by The Tiny Publishing Company Ltd.

ISBN 0 907909 02 7

This is aimed at the beginner and has humorous cartoons throughout by Bill Tidy. A cassette '95 Programs from Know your DRAGON' could be ordered from The Tiny Publishing Company.

From the Preface:

I believe that this book fills a need for a serious but friendly learning aid for people who wish to master computer programming in BASIC and are lucky enough to have access to a DRAGON 32 Computer. This new machine is very generous with its memory and offers outstanding features at an affordable price. I think that my book offers a 'structured' introduction to the DRAGON 32 and also gives you lots and lots of programs to help you learn. In fact when I sat down to compile the cassette tape that you can get to go with the book, I was staggered to find that I had put 95 programs on it. That's got to be pretty good value also, and you can order it - see the title page for details. I have also tried to make my book a good reference guide.