Manic Miner

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Manic Miner
Manic Miner cassette cover
Developer Roy Coates
Publisher Software Projects
Release 1984
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Platform
Gamemode 1P
Operation Icon tastatur.png
Media Icon Cassette.png
Language Language:english

Manic Miner is a classic platform platform game from the ZX Spectrum that was converted to the Dragon. The gameplay is very similar to the Spectrum version. The goal is to guide miner Willy through a series of caverns in his quest for fortune (and a high score). In each cavern he must collect all the keys to unlock the exit, and then make his escape before the air runs out. The caverns are populated by dangerous robots of quite amazing designs, and the platforms pose additional problems that must be solved. Each cavern is a mini puzzle that requires both some thinking and split-second controls to complete.

The original 48K Spectrum version had twenty caverns, but Roy Coates managed to squeeze another two into the 32K Dragon. The cheat mode that allows you to select a starting cavern also differs from that of the Spectrum. On the Dragon you need to type PENGUIN when playing the game and if you are successful, which is not easy as 'P' also pauses the game, a boot will appear in the lower right of the screen after which pressing the break key then a letter from A to V will take you to a new screen.


Manic Miner includes a copy protection scheme. The box includes a small card containing a matrix of colour codes. Before starting the game prompts to enter the code corresponding to a particular cell in this matrix. The copy protection card is included below.


Manic Miner is loading... Level 1: The Central Cavern Level 2: The Cold Room The End, inspired by Monthy Python?


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