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These TFT monitors or TVs have been confirmed to work well with the monitor output on the Dragon:

  • Acer AL1731 (RCA input, tested with PAL Dragon-32)
    • sometimes gets SECAM/PAL wrong when switching modes

These TFT monitors or TVs are confirmed to work to some degree:

  • Philips Brilliance 200P3 (forum post):
    • Dragon 32: works fine, with colour and clean picture.
    • Dragon 64: works but no colour :(
    • Dragon Tano: not clean picture, green color, but blurred and some vertical lines missed.
  • HYUNDAI Model: L19T Type: L19A0D061 (forum post):
    • Dragon 64: Works ok with colour. Not total smooth, but that's normal, isn't it?

These don't seem to work at all:

  • HP L2335 (and likely L2035) - (forum post)
  • Dell 2007WFP
  • Samsung UE22D5000NW LCD TV

These monitors have composite input, according to published specifications, but compatibility is not known:

  • Dell 2001FP
  • Acer AL1931
  • Acer AL732
  • Compaq TFT8030
  • Samsung Syncmaster 2032MW
  • Samsung SyncMaster 214T
  • HP LP2475W
  • LG Flatron??