Oojamaflip by DragonPlus Electronics

From The Dragon Archive

The Oojamaflip is a remake of a device manufactured in the late 1980s for the Dragon computer by Richard Sutcliffe of Sutcliffe Electronics. His original boards were very ingenious and well made devices which have stood the test of time.

The Oojamaflip permits the connection of some of the newer peripherals alongside one of the virtual disk solutions, like DragonMMC, DragonDrive or CocoSDC. My main use so far has been for connecting the V9958 Wordpak 2+ board to a Dragon 64 at the same time as the DragonMMC or CocoSDC.

It won’t work for everything – but it does certainly allow more flexibility on the cartridge port.

The Oojamaflip is available from DragonPlus Electronics.