Programming The Dragon For Games And Graphics

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Geoff Phillips

Copyright © 1983 McGRAW-HILL Book Company Ltd.

First published 1983 McGRAW-HILL Book Company Ltd.

ISBN 0 07 084703 7

From the rear cover:

Design and write your own games programs!

This book tells you all you need to know about the way to design, structure and code games and graphics programs for the Dragon. Written by a professional programmer whose games programs appear on the shelves of every software stockist, this book is not designed to teach the absolute beginner. Instead, it presupposes a moderate knowledge of the Dragon and of BASIC, and develops programming skills and techniques, illustrated by means of six major programs.

Six fully listed programs

'Breakout', 'Analogue Clock', 'Freezer Maintenance', 'Adventure', 'Card Challenge', and 'Star Battle' are used to illustrate the author's techniques. These programs are not merely listed, but are broken down and described in detail.

Dragon hints

Finally, there is a chapter on useful hints and tips for Dragon users - from editing and temporary line deletion to machine-code programming.

If you have already begun to master your Dragon, and want to develop your programming skills, this is the book for you.