Quickbeam Software

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Formed in 198? by David Hichman? Quickbeam became known for their high quality and original titles.

Quickbeam also obtained the rights to other titles when their original publishers left the Dragon scene. These include the Microvision Software and Smithson Computing titles.

Quickbeam allowed Orange Software to produce and market disk versions of its software.

6809 Express

Dickie Space Man

Dickie's Den

Dragon Advanced Music System (D.A.M.S.)


Duplicas 2

Duplicas 3

Duplicas 4

Duplicas 5

Duplidisk 1

Duplidisk 2

Electronic Author

Fire Force


Galactic Gus

Gordon Bennet

Indoor Football

Shaolin Master

Shaolin Master Plus


Terror Castle

The Shrunken Scientist

Tombstone and Cod Creek

Trivial Crosswords

Weirds of Kesh