The Dragon's Claw

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The Dragon's Claw is an extension cartridge for the Dragon by Lucidata.

It features two parallel I/O ports. One with the BBC User Port pinout, and the second one with a Centronics Printer Port pinout.

The cartridge also allows connecting another cartridge like a disk controller, and up to 4 Dragon Claws.

The heart of the Dragon's Claw is the Rockwell 6522 VIA (Versatile Interface Adaptor) chip.


IC Parts Lists

Mk1 Board IC list (with Datasheets)

Part Number Description Datasheet
6522 Versatile Interface Adaptor (pdf)
74LS30N 8-Input positive-NAND gates (pdf)
74LS138N 1-of-8 Decoder/Multiplexer (pdf)