The Dragon 32 Book Of Games

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TheDragon32BookOfGames Cover.jpg

Mike James, S.M.Gee and Kay Ewbank.

Copyright © 1983 by M.James, S.M.Gee and K.Ewbank.

First published in 1983 by Granada Publishing.

ISBN 0 246 12102 5

From the rear cover:

Here are twenty-one fantastic, high quality games written specially for your Dragon 32 and designed to provide hours of fun. All the games have been fully tested and crash-proofed and our selection makes full use of the exciting range of the Dragon's facilities. Each program comes with an explanation of how to play the game and how the program works. Tips on how to change them creatively are also provided, so that you can enjoy an almost infinite range of variations if you wish.

Some of the games included here are based on popular favourites like Invaders and Squash while others are completely novel like Corner the Dragon, Across the Ravine and Commando Jump. There is a word puzzle to keep all the family absorbed and a fascinating conversational program that lets your Dragon answer you back.

Normally games of this quality are only available individually on cassette. This book therefore gives you remarkable value for money.