The Dragon Trainer

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TheDragonTrainer Cover.jpg

Brian Lloyd

Copyright © Brian Lloyd

First published 1983 by Sunshine Books

ISBN 0 946408 09 2

From the rear cover:

The Dragon Trainer is written as a combined manual and beginners course on the power of Dragon BASIC. It is aimed at the complete beginner and assumes no previous experience of computing.

Brian Lloyd starts by explaining how to set the computer up. He then introduces the first principles of simple computer programming.

Page by page The Dragon Trainer works through each of the programming features available on the Dragon, in each case giving practical examples of the ways in which the features can be used in your own programs.

Once all the basic principles have been mastered Brian Lloyd shows how you can experiment with more sophisticated tasks such as programming in high resolution graphics, vital for your own games and applications.

To help you on your way to writing your own programs the book ends with a series of games which you can type in and play.