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Touchmaster was located in Dragon Data's old premises in Margam in Port Talbort, and made up of ex-Dragon Data employees, and headed by ex-managing director Brian Moore and former marketing director Richard Wadman. The main backer of this new firm once again was Pru-tech and the first project was to manufacture a touch-tablet (designed by Information Entry of Reading), that was first seen previewed at the CETEX show in May and from the September PCW show, interfaces for the Dragon, Commodore, MSX and BBC machines would be available.

Dragon Data's existing stock of software and peripherals would also be sold by Touchmaster - at discount prices, though it was still not certain whether they or Eurohard would take over Dragon Data's existing liabilities.

Touchmaster Tablet

Touchmaster Tablet

Touch Tablet Software

Graphics Cassette

Simon Says

Simon Shapes

Simon Squares

Simply Simon

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