UDW SD-card DriveWire microserver

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uDW (by Tormod)

The uDW DriveWire microserver is a standalone, SD card based mass-storage solution for the Dragon. It plugs into the printer port (instead of a DriveWire adapter) and contains an embedded DriveWire server. Programs and files are stored on a micro SD card and are accessed the same way as if they were on a PC-based DriveWire server.

  • Dimensions 10 x 5 x 3 cm
  • Compatible with all DriveWire software (DWLOAD, HDB-DOS, NitrOS-9, ...)
  • Connects to printer port via IDC flat cable
  • Powered by the Dragon
  • Uses standard micro-SD cards (FAT formatted)
  • Built-in real time clock
  • Firmware upgradeable over USB