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Wintersoft was a British software house based in Enfield, Middlesex and operated by John F. Humphreys and David A. Briskham during the 1980s. They produced a number of strategy games for the Dragon 32/64, Oric and ZX Spectrum computers, their titles including the role-playing games The Ring Of Darkness and its sequel Return of the Ring and also Juxtaposition: Barons of Ceti V. (Juxtaposition was available only for the Dragon machines).

Wintersoft's later games Juxtaposition and Return of the Ring were quite sophisticated for their time, featuring 3D graphics, advanced language parsers and a basic artificial intelligence system referred to as "Actel".

The much anticipated Wintersoft game, Usurper of Rune, the sequel to Juxtaposition, for the Dragon 32/64 was never released and no copy is known to exist. However fans of the series still wait in hope that it may one day surface.


Artist's Designer

Dragon Trek

Juxtaposition: Barons of Ceti V

Juxtaposition II: Usurper of Rune

Pepper's Games Pack

Return of the Ring

The Ring Of Darkness